Is Baseball Still On?

I heard on the radio today that the audience for the World Series was very low this year (11 points off from last year according to Nielsen). I don’t know why the excitement has waned for me, but it certainly has. Maybe it’s because of the fact that the Braves aren’t the perennial powerhouse they once were. Or maybe it’s because College Football is so engaging and exciting that baseball seems that much slower and boring. Whatever it is…this year, for the first time I can remember, I didn’t even know that the World Series was on. And when I did, I didn’t really care.

Go Dawgs!

Wow! The Bulldogs have quietly done an awesome job in the College World Series this year. They are 3-0 and today they won Bracket 1 in the CWS. They’ll be facing either UNC or Fresno State in the championship series.

I wonder why the CWS doesn’t get as much coverage or press as March Madness for basketball or Bowl Season for football. I bet you could really put something together for the entire CWS that could add buzz and create excitement.

This series has reminded me of one thing: I LOVE college sports. It just seems like college athletics has been untainted by the commercialism and over-inflated ego of professional sports. Maybe I’m naive here; if so, I’d like to stay that way.