I Love This Weather!

I LOVE the fall. The temperature drops, the leaves begin to change and my favorite holiday (Thanksgiving) is rapidly approaching. Unlike my wife, I like the colder weather and enjoy the winter months, so I don’t mind that fall signals the coming winter.

Fall means more ministry for the church as well. As we settle down from summer and get into the groove of school, it’s time to be faithful to church and do three major things: CONNECT, GROW and SERVE. Connect with God in worship, grow in discipleship through our small groups and serve God by reaching out to others and serving in ministry.

Use this natural change in the seasons to plug in, connect and commit to serve God at your local church. I love the fall; it’s a great time to make the decision to get serious about serving God.

106 Degrees

That’s right, you read it correctly. It was 106 degrees in Millington yesterday. I mean HOT! I thought it was hot when we lived in Georgia but the Memphis area is definitely warmer. The report on www.weather.com said the heat index was 120! It appears we’ll be back into the much cooler temperatures of 95 and 91 the rest of the week.

By the way, I realized yesterday that I don’t thank God enough for air conditioning. In both the home and automobile, air conditioning is one of God’s many bountiful blessings!