Go Dawgs!

Wow! The Bulldogs have quietly done an awesome job in the College World Series this year. They are 3-0 and today they won Bracket 1 in the CWS. They’ll be facing either UNC or Fresno State in the championship series.

I wonder why the CWS doesn’t get as much coverage or press as March Madness for basketball or Bowl Season for football. I bet you could really put something together for the entire CWS that could add buzz and create excitement.

This series has reminded me of one thing: I LOVE college sports. It just seems like college athletics has been untainted by the commercialism and over-inflated ego of professional sports. Maybe I’m naive here; if so, I’d like to stay that way.

And the Madness Ensues!

That’s right! It’s time for March Madness. I’m not a HUGE College Basketball fan during the season, but I love March Madness. Stephanie and I both always fill out a bracket and compete with each other. This year, I invited the staff to enter the competition as well; whoever wins gets a free lunch from me!

My biggest mistake so far is that I picked Georgia to beat Xavier. But, after UGA’s performance in the SEC Tournament, who could bet against them? Truth be told, if I weren’t a die-hard Bulldog I might not have picked them but it’s hard to turn against your team.

Who are you picking to win it all? I love it…let the madness ensue.

Sports Withdrawal

Well, that time of year is here again! It’s now the time between the Super Bowl and March Madness and that means that there are hardly any sporting events on television that I am interested in watching. Don’t get me wrong, college basketball is alright with me but I really can’t get into it until the tournament begins. So, I’m having a bit of a withdrawal when it comes to sports.

I think it should be noted, however, that Stephanie kind of likes these couple of months. No sports on TV for me to watch means that more gets done around the house. We’ve actually accomplished a lot in the past few weeks…and, of course, we still have a few projects left to go. For some reason it ALWAYS seems like there are a few projects left to go!

“Giant Upset”

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a huge sports fan; especially football. After church Sunday night I ran (drove really) home to catch the second half of the Super-Bowl. Congrats to the G-Men for pulling off the big upset. Congrats to Eli Manning and the Manning family on this one. No one gave them a chance and they pulled out the win. All in all, this is good for NFL Football. It’s an epic story…undefeated vs. underdog. Either way, what an awesome game…and thankfully no half-time controversy!

Now, all I can hope is that next year my Falcons won’t be such a HUGE underdog in every game they play! I’m glad the Vick era is over and as Falcon’s fans say so often; “there’s always next year!”

The Bigger Team

Part of being a big UGA fan is to hate our rival teams. Hence, my natural hatred for the Florida Gators. But, (and this is a big “but”) I am a huge Tim Tebow fan and am very excited that he won the Heisman Trophy tonight.

Tebow is an extraordinary athlete with incredible skills and abilities. He broke an NCAA record this season by rushing for over 20 touchdowns and passing for over 20 touchdowns. While his talent is obvious, the thing I like most about him is that this guy loves Jesus Christ. He was born in the Philippines while his parents were missionaries there. He listed his top four priorities in life and his relationship with God was number one. And tonight, he continually thanked Jesus Christ for the ability to play the game of football.

What an awesome guy and what a great way to glorify Christ. He took advantage of his God-given talent and his God-given opportunity tonight and pointed people to Jesus Christ. Awesome!